Classic Sheetmetals (1994) Ltd: Henderson Auckland-About Us


Classic Sheetmetals (1994) Ltd is an established family sheetmetal fabrication business founded in 1994 by Bernie and Phillippa Knight.  Bernie Knight has been in the Sheetmetal fabrication trade for 40 years.  During this time Bernie has gained comprehensive and extensive experience in all aspects of sheetmetal fabrication and light sheetmetal engineering.  His experience includes specialized sheetmetal fabrication, product run fabrication and of recent times he has been comissioned to fabricate sheetmetal sculptures. 

Business Premises

Classic Sheetmetals (1994) Ltd has a large extenisve factory which is home to a large amount of sheetmetal engineering equipment  and sheetmetal of many varieties for the purpose of sheetmetal fabrication.  Our premises are located at 3 Woodruffe Avenue in the central area of Henderson, Auckland.  We offer all  our customers visiting us a friendly greeting and a pleasant waiting area within our company foyer.


Company Policy

Over the years Classic Sheetmetals (1994) Ltd has accumulated a variety of regular customers which include small and large companies, builders and personal people from all walks of life.  Classic Sheetmetals policy has always been to maintain a high degree of quality workmanship which has assisted us to have long term relationships with our customers. 

Additional Services Available

Additional services available include chrome plating, galvanizing, electroplating and powdercoating should this be required by our customers.